Costa Brava: A Very Happy Hour

By Henry Lewis | WDSD Restaurant Reporter
Seven Days a Week From 4-6pm, Enjoy Discounted Pitchers of Sangria and Tapas at Costa Brava in Pacific Beach! 

How do you say "deal" in Español?  In Pacific Beach, Costa Brava knows.  This "uptown" PB restaurant offers authentic Spanish cuisine and one of the best happy hours in town, and since it is featured every day of the week, there is no reason for anyone to miss out.


From 4 P.M. to 6 P.M. daily, Costa Brava presents Spanish tapas and sangria at prices discounted up to 50%.  Since many locals work weekdays during happy hour, Costa Brava also offers a weekend happy hour, so that patrons can stop by to enjoy red wine sangria ($2 per glass, or $8 for a pitcher) and a selection of 19 tapas, which are priced at $2 to $5.  Among the more popular tapas are Caracoles al Alioli, or escargots in parsley-flavored ali-oli sauce ($5); Montadito de Rabas, a fried calamari sandwich ($3), and Champiñones al Ajillo, sauteed mushrooms in a garlicky Sherry sauce ($4).  There is something for everybody on Costa Brava's daily happy hour menu.



1653 Garnet Ave.

(858) 273-1218


Everyday 11:00am to Midnight

Happy Hour Daily - 4pm to 6 pm

Para Beber

(To Drink)


Red Wine Sangria $2 glass or $8 pitcher

Para Comer

(To Eat)

Montadito de Morcilla  $3

Spanish pork sausage sandwich

Cesta de Pan con Ali-Oli $2

Basket of house bread with Ali-Oli

Queso Cabrales $4

Spanish blue cheese from Asturias

Aceitunas Aliñadas $2

Marinated olives

Croquetas de Queso $4

Blue cheese croquettes

Caracoles al Alioli $5

Escargot in a parsley alioli sauce

Montadito de Rabas $3

Fried calamari sandwich

Montadito de Choricito Frito $3

Spanish chorizo sandwich

Pulpo a la vinagreta $3

Marinated octopus

Champiñones a la vinagreta $3

Marinated mushrooms

Pescaito frito $4

Fried whole baby anchovies

Pimientos a la riojana $4

Spanish peppers sauteed in olive oil and garlic

Pinchitos Morunos $5

Grilled lamb on skewers

Champiñones al Ajillo $4

Sauteed mushrooms in garlic & sherry wine

Pollo al Ajillo $4

Sauteed chicken in garlic & wine sauce

Croquetas de Jamon $4

Spanish Serrano ham croquettes

Empanadillas de Atun $4

Tuna in pastry

Patatas Alioli $4

Potatoes with Alioli

Patatas a la Brava $4

Spicy potatoes


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0 #1 Kaitlin 2011-12-03 20:41
This is one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego. Make sure to ask for Orlando. He is incredibly knowledgable about wines, foods, and pairings. He served my family the first time we went there over 3 years ago and we have asked for him everytime since.

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